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Greenlawn Landscaping Now Offering Organic Vegetable Gardens

Greenlawn Landscaping, Inc. is proud to announce we are offering design, build, and maintenance of organic vegetable gardens!

The best way to get started with your organic vegetable garden is to set up an initial consultation with a Greenlawn team member. We meet with you to discuss your goals and see first hand your gardening space.

We can design, build and install a custom garden that is the perfect fit for your yard. Beds are prepared with high quality organic soil and planted according to your tastes and growing conditions. We supply all the materials from start to finish.

We can come every week to keep your food garden looking good and staying healthy. We'll feed, weed, water, plant, care for and harvest your garden. We have a number of options, based on how much you want us to do, including seasonal and all year planting options.

Call us today at (773)463-0445 to learn more about this program.