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What to Expect in a Landscape Installation Project. Let's Break it Down.

Here at Greenlawn Landscaping, Inc., we provide a range of installation and construction services, from replacing sod to patio and rooftop decks. While the terms are somewhat interchangeable, installation is used more frequently in reference to plant material. Construction is, well, what it sounds like. As in interior construction, there can be demolition of an existing patio or wall, excavation for a new hardscape, and removal of demolition material and excess soil. In some cases, materials are repurposed; in others new material is used.

The first step involves meeting with our design consultants and determining the project scope and design program. This is determined by client goals, budget parameters, phases to the project, as with an interior remodeling project. Depending on the complexity of the project, most homeowners are comfortable with being at home at the commencement of the work, with phone and in-person consultation as the project progresses. The lead designer or sales consultant is on site for critical decision making with the crew and homeowner.

As with interior work, say, when you open a wall or a floor, an unexpected obstacle may be exposed. Same with outdoor projects; we have run across plenty of buried sidewalks and footings in the midst of excavation, sometimes adjustments to scope and pricing may occur. The other factor is weather. Our project supervisors determine the swiftest work-around when wet and muddy conditions arise. As the project approaches completion, we walk the project with the homeowner and determine the finishing touches, such as restoration of any foot traffic areas with seed or sod or power washing of sidewalks or driveways. The key to the successful project is our communication and collaboration with our client throughout the process.